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How many member families belong to Temple Zion?

As of March, 2014, there are approximately 50 member families in our congregation.

What denomination of Judaism is Temple Zion?

We are an orthodox synagogue.

What is the appropriate dress for service?

We do not have a formal dress code, however, we request that you recognize the sanctity of our sanctuary and wear clothing that expresses that respect. Kipot (head covering) and tallit (prayer shawl) are not required, but are provided.

Is Temple Zion kosher?

Yes. We observe the Kashrut Jewish Dietary Laws.

Is there youth programming?

Yes. Our youth programming department is active year-round. Our main offerings include Talmud Torah, Kids Club and the Summer Shabbos Program. For more information, visit the Youth section of our website.

Do I have to be a member to attend services?

Absolutely not. Though we are on the look-out for new members to join our community-family, everyone is invited and welcome to participate in our services in a friendly, warm, learning environment.

If I have a question of Jewish law, practice or interest, is there someone I can speak to?

Absolutely. Our Rabbi is always available to address your question or interest and can be reached at (516) 705-8333.

Does the synagogue provide services for Birth, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Marriage or lo aleinu, Funeral services?

We do. For details, please contact the shul office at: (516) 705-8333 or info@templezion.org.

Is Abraham Hall available for personal celebrations and parties?

Most definitely. We are overjoyed to share our space and resources in an easy and comfortable manner. Please visit our Facilities Page to learn more and contact the shul office at (516) 705-8333 or info@templezion.org for further information and details.